2402, 2017

Oil and Water Don’t Mix: Why the ACLU Is Standing Up for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe

The ACLU has joined 34 tribes in asking a federal court to halt pipeline construction until an environment study can be done. On December 4, the Army Corps of Engineers did the right thing by [...]

2402, 2017

President Trump’s Executive Order Would Unlawfully Keep Out 60,000 Refugees Who Would Have Resettled in the US This Year. We’re Fighting It.

Vulnerable people count on resettlement to build a new, safe life. When Eden* gave birth to her first child, she was hoping to have her mother by her side. Instead, her mother was stuck, thousands [...]

2402, 2017

The ACLU’s Next Endeavor: Organizing the People’s Power to Resist

We are fighting President Trump in court, but we need you to take our fight to the streets. In the weeks following President Donald Trump’s inauguration, we have seen the harms that his policies cause people [...]