Let People Vote


2909, 2016

This November, Know Your Voting Rights

It’s now more important than ever to make sure you can vote on Election Day. When voters go to the polls this November, they will encounter a patchwork of different laws and policies, many of [...]

2609, 2016

In Syracuse, A Child Can Be Thrown in Solitary for Singing Whitney Houston

A NYCLU lawsuit exposes a nightmarish jail where children are kept for months in isolation for minor misbehavior. Charnasha still suffers through sleepless nights because of her experience at the Onondaga County Justice Center. The [...]

2309, 2016

A Week In, the Pardon Snowden Debate Keeps Heating Up

Despite government attempts to discredit him, the arguments in favor of Snowden and his whistleblowing continue to mount. It’s been a very eventful week since we launched the Pardon Snowden campaign. Since then, people worldwide [...]