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2508, 2016

Illinois Achieved Important Bipartisan Criminal Justice Reforms. But Those Reforms Represent Only A Fraction of What Must Be Done.

While Illinois embraced some bipartisan criminal justice reform, the battle for systemic change has just begun. Earlier this week, Illinois’ Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner and leaders from the Democratic-controlled legislature took a break from campaigning [...]

2408, 2016

My Brother Was Brutally Murdered, But the Delaware Supreme Court’s Decision to Ban the Death Penalty Was the Right One

The sister of a murder victim explains why the death penalty is a false promise of justice. As the sister of a murder victim who opposes the death penalty, the Delaware Supreme Court’s decision in [...]

2308, 2016

School Board Elections in Ferguson Are Rigged Against Black Voters

A federal judge finds that the dark cloud of discrimination hangs over the school district’s political process. Nearly two years ago, the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division began an investigation into the Ferguson Police Department [...]