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812, 2016

Trying to Keep the Internet Safe From Warrantless NSA Surveillance

With Trump about to become president, the courts need to rein in the NSA’s powers now. Originally posted at The Daily Beast. Next month, President-elect Trump will be handed the keys to the NSA’s vast spying [...]

612, 2016

In Alabama, Susan Watson Took on the Powerful in Defense of Our Liberties and Won. We Celebrate a Life Well Lived.

Susan Watson, executive director of the ACLU of Alabama, passed last week. She was an incredible person. In opposing the raft of bills seeking to make it more difficult to obtain an abortion, Susan Watson [...]

612, 2016

The NYCLU Will Continue to Watch the NYPD, so Its Lawyers Don’t Institutionalize a Protester Prosecution Program

Protesters shouldn’t fear unfair treatment in court for exercising their constitutional rights to speech and assembly. People who take to the streets to protest should not be subject to a different form of justice than [...]