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2110, 2016

‘The Darkness Comes’: CIA Torture Victims Describe How the Mental Scars Never Go Away

A New York Times’ investigative series shows how the mental wounds of torture last longer than physical ones. The New York Times is publishing a devastating exposé series on the lasting psychological effects of U.S. [...]

2110, 2016

Since When Did Police Officers Replace the Principal’s Office?

School administrators across California increasingly rely on police officers to enforce minor disciplinary infractions. Back in the day, a student who broke school rules or otherwise misbehaved would be reprimanded by a teacher or sent [...]

1910, 2016

The Constitution Leaves No Room for Secret Law

We’re asking America’s spy court to release secret opinions on Yahoo email searches and other surveillance. There are still many questions to be answered about Yahoo’s secret scanning of all of its customers’ incoming emails [...]