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Take action to support criminal justice reform at the Tennessee legislature

In the next few days, various committees in the state legislature will take up numerous bills that could help reform the criminal justice system in Tennessee. This legislation could positively impact many different communities in our state: students, people driving on state roads, Tennesseans working toward a second chance at a fresh start post-incarceration, and people struggling with mental illness and addiction who need healthcare, not handcuffs. For the 52nd day of #100DaysTN, follow the links below to take action on the bills that could help make the justice system in Tennessee more fair and just for all:

Support Taking a Closer Look at Innovative Ways to Improve Operation of Local Jails (SB 708/HB 911)

Make It Easier for Recently-Released People to Get a Job (SB 16/HB 128)

Shut Down Tennessee’s School-to-Prison Pipeline (SB 196/HB 483)

Make Tennessee’s Drug-Free Zones More Effective (SB 807/HB 725)

Kick Abusive Civil Asset Forfeiture Laws to the Curb (SB 644/HB 813 and SB 316/HB 421)

Exclude Severely Mentally Ill People from the Death Penalty (SB 378/HB 345)

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