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ACLU of Tennessee's Internship/Volunteer Program


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About the Program

ACLU-TN's office is located in Nashville. Internship and volunteer applications are accepted year round. Applicants may respond to a specific internship position listing or they can submit a general application.

ACLU-TN student interns and volunteers are offered a range of valuable learning experiences through our advocacy, public education, and legislative programs. For example, the ACLU-TN advocacy program handles several thousand requests for assistance each year. People contact our office when they believe their rights have been violated. Many of these people feel disenfranchised from the legal system. Our advocacy program screens for potential ACLU-TN lawsuits and provides information, referrals, and strategic advice.

Underlying the philosophy behind ACLU-TN's information and referral service is the belief that Tennesseans, informed of their rights, will be encouraged to exercise them. Through their exercise, rights are given life. If rights are rarely used, they may be forgotten and violations may become routine.

ACLU-TN staff, interns and volunteers strive to empower individuals to exercise and protect their rights. We accomplish this goal by:

  • assisting individuals in defining the issues presented in their situation
  • explaining how the legal system is designed to work in the type of case at hand
  • informing individuals of the legal or civil rights that might apply in their situation
  • discussing a variety of appropriate options, both legal and non-legal, that are available and providing referrals to appropriate agencies

In addition, ACLU-TN interns and volunteers assist with the administrative tasks of a non-profit agency. They also can work on special legislative or public education projects based on their interests and/or the needs of ACLU-TN.

Volunteers typically spend four hours a week in our office.  Interns may work longer, depending on the requirements of their individual schools or degree programs.


Good Communication Skills
Ability to Deal with a Wide Range of Issues
Commitment to Civil Liberties
Sense of Humor

For more information, call ACLU-TN at (615) 320-7142.

Current Openings

PLEASE NOTE: Applications for Summer 2008 Internships must be received in our office by April 4, 2008.

Summer Intern

Advocacy Intern

Intake Coordinator-- Volunteer Position

Right to Vote Project Intern

Students' Rights Intern

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