Why Nashville Needs A Community Oversight Board

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We stand with the Community Oversight Now coalition in urging residents of Davidson County to vote FOR Amendment 1.

The police shouldn’t be in charge of policing themselves. Amendment 1 would establish an independent community oversight board to investigate allegations of misconduct, issue reports, recommend discipline and make policy recommendations.

Between 2011 – 2015, MNPD consistently and unnecessarily stopped drivers in communities of color and low-income neighborhoods at substantially higher rates than white drivers in middle to upper income areas (for more information, please see the “Driving While Black” report).

Too frequently, police resort to excessive force in interactions with Black and brown people, as the recent killings of Daniel Hambrick and Jocques Clemmons by Metro Nashville police officers demonstrate.

A community oversight board is critical to stem the erosion of community-police relations and to promote basic police accountability and transparency.

Vote FOR Amendment 1

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