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Tennessee’s law that requires individuals to present a government-issued photo ID at the ballot box is part of a modern-day, well-documented, coordinated nationwide voter suppression effort.

Voter ID laws deny the right to vote to voters who do not have, and, in many instances, cannot obtain, the limited identification states require for voting. These laws have a disproportionate and unfair impact on low-income individuals, racial and ethnic minority voters, young voters, senior citizens and people with disabilities.

Tennesseans are already running into problems with the photo ID law. Here are a few of their stories:

Nashville homeless man says he got voter ID runaround
Murfreesboro couple testify in D.C. about voter ID experience
91-year-old Tennessee woman can’t get voter ID because of line
96-year-old Chattanooga resident denied voting ID
Intern trying to get an ID

Proponents of Voter ID laws say they are protecting against voter fraud, however research has shown there is virtually NO evidence of voter fraud.

ACLU-TN, along with the “No Barriers to the Ballot Box Coalition”, is dedicated to fighting for repeal of this law, and serving voters by providing voting resources and information about the law.

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Students—did you know that under Tennessee’s “Photo ID to Vote” law, your college ID doesn’t count as acceptable identification? Concerned about how this might impact your ability to vote?