ACLU-TN Condemns Calls for Introduction of Anti-Trans Legislation and Investigation Into Transgender Health Care

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ACLU-TN Condemns Calls for Introduction of Anti-Trans Legislation and Investigation Into Transgender Health Care

September 22, 2022 

Lindsay Kee, 615-320-7142 

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Governor Bill Lee and other politicians have called for an investigation into transgender health care and stated that they will introduce legislation limiting transgender Tennesseans’ access to health care in response to recent misleading social media posts. 

“We’re deeply disturbed by the governor’s choice to stigmatize transgender children and their families and legislators’ calls to introduce legislation restricting trans people’s access to health care. The doctors that provide trans youth with this critical care are saving lives. They support children and their families by allowing them to thrive, and these professionals are nothing short of heroes,” said Henry Seaton, ACLU-TN transgender justice advocate. “For the trans Tennesseans who see this hateful action and are fearful because of it – know that ACLU-TN will always advocate for the rights of children and families to make informed and safe private medical decisions. It is our priority to save trans lives and keep our trans community members safe.” 

Multiplestudieshaveshown that providing gender-affirming and supportive care saves young people’s lives by dramatically reducing depression and suicidal ideation. 

Numerous medical, health and mental health organizations have spoken out in opposition to political efforts to block access to recognized medical interventions for trans youth, including the American Academy of Pediatrics, American Medical Association, American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, American Counseling Association, and many others. 

“Parents, patients and medical professionals, not politicians, should decide what medical care is in the best interest of any particular young person,” said ACLU of Tennessee Executive Director Kathy Sinback. “Medical and mental health treatment for transgender individuals is guided by evidence-based clinical guidelines, as well as existing state law that already regulates health care for trans Tennesseans. Efforts to restrict trans Tennesseans’ access to health care is vast government overreach and ACLU-TN stands ready to fight back against intrusions into the private medical decision-making rights of parents and families when seeking gender-affirming care.” 

Misinformation like the recent social media posts has fueled attacks on trans children and adults from state legislatures across the country. Last year alone, Tennessee legislators introduced fourteen anti-trans bills. 

In response, the ACLU of Tennessee launched TRANScend Tennessee, a statewide community education, engagement and empowerment initiative. The goals of the program include educating the general public about the lives of Tennesseans who are trans, supporting and empowering trans people in Tennessee, and combatting dangerous narratives that harm the transgender community in the state. To learn more, visit 

ACLU-TN’s trans justice program is staffed by a trans justice advocate, a trans justice staff attorney and a lobbyist fighting discrimination against trans Tennesseans.  

If you or someone in your family is trans and has experienced discrimination, please contact us at 


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