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10 09, 2020

Tennessee City Abandons Effort to Ban Access to Abortion Following ACLU Lawsuit

2020-09-10T13:47:09-05:00 September 10th, 2020|Categories: Press Releases|

The city of Mt. Juliet today abandoned its efforts to ban the provision of procedural abortion care within the city limits following an ACLU lawsuit.

31 08, 2020

Tennessee’s Medically Unsound ‘Abortion Reversal’ Law Challenged in Court

2020-08-31T15:10:09-05:00 August 31st, 2020|Categories: General News, Press Releases|

Tennessee abortion providers filed a lawsuit today challenging a requirement that forces doctors to provide false and misleading information to their patients about the potential to “reverse” a medication abortion.

7 08, 2020

Federal Court Denies Emergency Release of People in Shelby County Jail Most Vulnerable to COVID-19

2020-08-07T16:42:04-05:00 August 7th, 2020|Categories: General News, Press Releases|

A federal judge today denied the emergency release of medically vulnerable people, including people with disabilities, detained at the Shelby County jail who are at high risk of severe injury or death from COVID-19.

5 08, 2020

State Supreme Court Allows Mail Ballots for Voters With Underlying Health Conditions, Caretakers

2020-08-05T20:29:05-05:00 August 5th, 2020|Categories: General News, Press Releases|

Under a Tennessee Supreme Court decision issued today, the state must permit every eligible voter with an underlying health condition that makes them especially vulnerable to COVID-19 — and any voter who is a caretaker of such individuals — to vote by mail in all elections in 2020 due to COVID-19.

16 07, 2020

ACLU-TN Releases Report Analyzing Tennessee’s Jail Populations During the COVID-19 Pandemic

2020-07-24T12:20:12-05:00 July 16th, 2020|Categories: Press Releases|

Our comprehensive, statewide report illustrates the cumulative impact of varying efforts to decarcerate local jails by advocates and stakeholders across the criminal justice system in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.