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SB 1380/HB 1406 is a common-sense bill that is modeled after best practices already in place in some police departments in the United States. This bill would enact a number of meaningful policing reforms, including:

  1. A ban on chokeholds except in cases of deadly force;
  2. A requirement that police departments adopt a duty to intervene policy – a duty that arises when one officer sees another using excessive force;
  3. An end to no-knock search warrants; and
  4. New requirements for use-of-force reporting and de-escalation policies for Tennessee’s police departments.

While not nearly enough, this bill may help reduce the number of violent, fatal interactions between police and community members – particularly people of color, who are so often the targets of police abuse.

TAKE ACTION: Urge lawmakers to prevent police violence by supporting SB 1380/HB 1406.

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