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Thirteen Russians and three Russian companies have already been indicted for allegedly interfering in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Their interference struck in our own backyard, with the operation of a Twitter account named “Tennessee GOP.” The account falsely claimed to be run by the state party and attracted over 100,000 followers.

In a national analysis released last month, Tennessee received a failing grade for election security.

SB 2090/HB 2300, which will soon be heard in committees, would take steps to improve election security in our state by requiring each county to adopt voting systems that create a paper trail that can be audited if necessary.

This is not a partisan issue. Everyone should be concerned about the security of our elections. Voting is the foundation of our democracy and it is crucial that our elected officials support measures that protect our elections from malicious interference. Implementing voting machines that can print receipts would help restore the integrity of our elections and promote election security.

SB 2090/HB 2300 will be heard in the Senate State and Local Government Committee on Tuesday and in the House Local Government Subcommittee on Wednesday. Please contact your legislators if they serve on these committees. But even if your legislators don’t, they still need to know how much you value the integrity of our elections as we approach state and federal elections in the coming months and years.

TAKE ACTION: Tell your state legislators to protect democracy in Tennessee by implementing voting machines that can provide paper receipts.

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