Stop Politicians From Interfering in Medical Care for Trans Youth

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Tell the House Health Committee that parents, patients and doctors — not politicians — should decide what medical care is in the best interest of any particular young person.

The House Health Committee will take up this bill on Wednesday, April 7 at 2 p.m.
(Last updated April 6, 2021. Check current bill status here.)

SB 657/HB 578 is another discriminatory effort by the legislature to target and erase trans youth. This bill would ban medical therapy for prepubescent minors to support their transition. “Therapy” is defined broadly by the bill, suggesting doctors and parents could be criminalized for everything from surgery to consultation. Healthcare for trans kids is not child abuse, and legislators have no business inserting themselves into family medical care.

Please call or email the following House Health Committee members and urge them to vote NO on SB 657/HB 578.

Emails for all House Health Committee members:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

House Health Committee Contact Info:

Rep. Rebecca Alexander 615-741-2251
Rep. Clark Boyd 615-741-7086
Rep. David Byrd 615-741-2190
Rep. John Clemmons 615-741-4410
Rep. Bob Freeman 615-741-0709
Rep. Ron Gant 615- 741-6890
Rep. Yusuf Hakeem 615-741-2702
Rep. Mark Hall 615-741-1350
Rep. Esther Helton 615-741-1934
Rep. Tim Hicks 615-741-1717
Rep. Darren Jernigan 615-741-6959
Rep. Sabi Kumar 615-741-2860
Rep. Tom Leatherwood 615-741-7084
Rep. Pat Marsh 615-741-6824
Rep. Bo Mitchell 615-741-4317
Rep. Bob Ramsey 615-741-3560
Rep. Paul Sherrell 615-741-1963
Rep. Robin Smith 615-741-2548
Rep. Bryan Terry 615-741-2180
Rep. Kevin Vaughan 615-741-1866
Rep. Sam Whitson 615-741-1864
Rep. Ryan Williams 615-741-1875
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