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A bill that would ban all abortion in Tennessee should Roe v. Wade be overturned had failed in subcommittee — but it may be back.

SB 1257/HB 1029, which would ban abortion in Tennessee immediately should the U.S. Supreme Court overturn Roe v. Wade, had originally failed in the House Public Health Subcommittee on March 27. However, we understand that there will be a movement to revive the bill by recalling it from the subcommittee to the full committee on Tuesday, April 9 at 8 a.m. It is also set to be heard in the Senate Judiciary Committee on April 9.

When someone makes the very personal decision to end a pregnancy, they should be able to do so safely, with dignity and free from political interference, punishment or judgment.

Reproductive healthcare decisions should be made by women in consultation with their doctors and their families – not forced onto them by politicians.

Take Action: Please contact committee members to urge them to drop this dangerous bill once and for all.

House Health Committee:

Rep. Terry Bryan, (615) 741-2180,

Rep. David Byrd, (615) 741-2190,

Rep. Barbara Cooper, (615) 741-4295,

Rep. Vincent Dixie, (615) 741-1997,

Rep. Ron Gant, (615) 741-6890,

Rep. Mark Hall, (615) 741-1350,

Rep. Esther Helton, (615) 741-1934,

Rep. Matthew Hill, (615) 741-2251,

Rep. Darren Jernigan, (615) 741-6959,

Rep. Sabi ‘Doc’ Kumar, (615) 741-2860,

Rep. Tom Leatherwood, (615) 741-7084,

Rep. Larry Miller, (615) 741-4453,

Rep. Jerry Sexton, (615) 741-2534,

Rep. Cameron Sexton, (615) 741-2343,

Rep. Paul Sherrell, (615) 741-1963,

Rep. Robin Smith, (615) 741-2548,

Rep. James Micah Van Huss, (615) 741-1717,

Rep. Kevin Vaughan, (615) 741-1866,

Rep. Sam Whitson, (615) 741-1864,

Senate Judiciary Committee:

Sen. Mike Bell, (615) 741-1946,

Sen. Janice Bowling, (615) 741-6694,

Sen. Todd Gardenhire, (615) 741-6682,

Sen. Sara Kyle, (615) 741-4167,

Sen. Jon Lundberg, (615) 741-5761,

Sen. Kerry Roberts, (615) 741-4499,

Sen. Katrina Robinson, (615) 741-2509,

Sen. John Stevens, (615) 741-4576,

Sen. Dawn White, (615) 741-6853,

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