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In this issue: “ACLU-TN launches community coalition for criminal justice reform,” “ACLU-TN stands up for prisoners’ right to healthcare,” “UPDATE: ACLU-TN wins victory for pro-LGBT student speech in Giles County,” “ACLU protects youth from solitary confinement,”  “A Constitution in every pocket,” “ACLU-TN launches new, interactive website,” “ACLU-TN ED, Nashville police chief honored,” “UPDATE: ACLU-TN’s fight to defend transgender students continues,” “ACLU-TN continues to protect families from Tennessee’s expired fetal assault law” and “Broken windows, broken trust: Explore community-police relations at ACLU-TN’s Annual Meeting on Oct. 22” and more.

ACLU-TN sends out The Vigil, our printed newsletter, several times a year.  To get the ACLU-TN newsletter mailed to you, please join the ACLU!

Fall 2016

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