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justice engraving Civil Rights Groups Demand Shelby County End Discriminatory, Wealth-Based Bail Practices We and our partners sent letter to Shelby County officials demanding that the county stop bail practices that violate the constitutional and... read more equal justice under law engraving Civil Rights Advocates Challenge Tennessee Law Banning Trans Students in School Sports We and our partners filed a federal lawsuit challenging the Tennessee law excluding transgender youth from participating in school sports. read more ACLU-TN Launches Campaign to Encourage Transparency and Accountability of DAs' Offices Learn more about elected prosecutors' power to shape the criminal legal system and incarceration rates, and to advocate for district attorney transparency... read more justice engraving Judge Blocks Tennessee Anti-Trans Restroom Sign Law A federal judge today blocked a new law requiring businesses that allow trans-inclusive public restrooms to post a government-prescribed warning sign. read more In Our Backyards: Money Bail in Rural Tennessee In partnership with the Vera Institute of Justice, we traveled to rural counties across the state to learn first-hand how unfair money bail... read more


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