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Frequently Asked Questions: Critical Race Theory A nationwide attempt to censor honest discussion of America’s history is underway through attempts to ban Critical Race Theory (CRT). So here... read more chained books ACLU-TN Files Open Records Request on McMinn County School Board’s Banning of “Maus” In an effort to defend academic freedom, we sent an open records request regarding the McMinn County Board of Education’s recent decision... read more FAQ - How TN Laws Affect Transgender Students in Public Schools In 2021, a wave of discriminatory bills targeting LGBTQ Tennesseans passed the Tennessee General Assembly and were signed into law by Governor... read more justice engraving Civil Rights Groups Demand Shelby County End Discriminatory, Wealth-Based Bail Practices We and our partners sent letter to Shelby County officials demanding that the county stop bail practices that violate the constitutional and... read more


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