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Judge Blocks Enforcement of Anti-Drag Law in Blount County A federal judge has granted a temporary restraining order preventing enforcement of the unconstitutional anti-drag law in Blount County. read more equal justice under law engraving Court Rules Signs Are Allowed in House Galleries A Davidson County judge has ruled that signs are allowed in House galleries for the duration of our lawsuit. read more Frequently Asked Questions: TN’s Gender-Affirming Healthcare Ban for Patients Under Eighteen This guide is intended to provide information for young people and their families regarding the law that prohibits gender-affirming medical care to... read more Frequently Asked Questions: Censorship in Tennessee's Schools A nationwide attempt to censor honest discussion of America’s history is underway. State legislatures – including Tennessee’s – have passed legislation that... read more


3108, 2023

ACLU-TN, Attorneys File Lawsuit to Protect Free Speech of Blount County Drag Performers

Lawsuit Filed in Response to District Attorney’s Plan to Enforce Unconstitutional Anti-Drag Law  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 31, 2023 CONTACT: Lindsay Kee, KNOXVILLE, Tenn. – Late last night, in an effort to protect the [...]