Volunteer Opportunities

Cooperating Attorney Program


There are no job openings at ACLU-TN at this time. For career opportunities at the National ACLU and other ACLU affiliates, please visit http://www.aclu.org/jobs.


ACLU-TN interns are offered a range of valuable learning experiences through our advocacy, public education, legal and legislative programs.

We are always seeking college, graduate and professional students from a wide range of disciplines, including but not limited to public policy, communications, political science, social work and law.

We welcome applications both from people who are seeking an internship for which their school will award them academic credit and from people who are not seeking academic credit for their internships.

Law Clerk (Summer 2024)

Law clerks will gain practical experience in civil liberties and constitutional rights cases. Students are involved in research and preparation of legal memoranda, fact investigations, client and witness interviews, discovery, pre-trial motions, handling of expert witnesses, and much more.

Depending on the applicant's needs and location, law clerks can be in-person, remote, or on a hybrid schedule.

Communications Intern (Spring 2024)

Calling all communicators with a passion for telling stories about civil liberties in Tennessee: we're looking for a communications intern for the spring!