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August 28. 2014

Lindsay Kee, ACLU-TN communications director, 615-320-7142

NASHVILLE – The American Civil Liberties Union of Tennessee today launched its “Let People Vote” campaign to empower voters with an understanding of their voting rights and tools for handling any problems they may encounter at the polls. The campaign includes statewide distribution of a wealth of voting rights educational materials, an online voting rights resource center, and participation in public education events.

“With a number of races decided by a small number of votes in the most recent election, the importance and power of every vote is very clear,” said Hedy Weinberg, ACLU-TN executive director. “ACLU-TN designed this campaign to empower Tennesseans with the tools they need to cast their ballots in November and determine the future of this state and this country.”

The campaign is part of a national ACLU effort to ensure that every eligible person can vote and that every vote counts. In Tennessee, the “Let People Vote” campaign includes the following tools:

Getting Ready to Vote: What You Need to Know Before Election Day (brochure) – includes info on who can vote (including specifics for students, the homeless, and those with criminal histories), registration, voting early or by mail, dealing with address changes, and quick tips for voters

The 2014 Voter Empowerment Card (a pocket-sized card that can be carried to the polls) – includes information on when and where to vote, getting time off from work, the new photo ID law and how to get ID, accessibility, and dealing with problems at the polls

TN’s Photo ID Law (flyer) – includes info on who has to show ID, acceptable forms of ID, what IDs won’t work, what to do if you don’t have ID, and the exception for people with low incomes

Get Your Right to Vote Back: A Guide to Voting with a Felony Conviction in Tennessee (brochure) – describes the process for people with felony convictions who have completed their sentences, etc. to restore their right to vote

Provisional Ballots in 2014 (flyer) – describes what a provisional ballot is and whether or not they will be counted

An online voting rights resource center,, including tips on dealing with problems at the polls, the new photo ID-to-vote law, voter registration tools, resources and news on upcoming events.

ACLU-TN will work with coalition partners to distribute “Let People Vote” documents across the state. The free documents can be ordered or downloaded at

The ACLU of Tennessee is a non-partisan, statewide organization dedicated to promoting and protecting constitutional rights.

Anyone concerned about her or his ability to vote in the 2014 election because of difficulty obtaining a photo ID is urged to contact ACLU-TN at 615-320-7142 or

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