ACLU-TN Opens Toll-Free Voter Hotline and Online Voting Resource Center for Primary

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Voters Experiencing Problems at the Polls Urged to Call

March 5, 2012

CONTACT: Hedy Weinberg, ACLU-TN Executive Director, 615-320-7142

NASHVILLE – To ensure the fundamental right to vote is preserved for all Tennesseans on Election Day, the American Civil Liberties Union of Tennessee (ACLU-TN) has established a toll-free Election Day hotline to help voters who encounter problems at the polls on Tuesday, March 6.

“Voting is the cornerstone of democracy. In that spirit, ACLU-TN’s goal is to ensure that every eligible voter is able to cast a vote and have it counted,” said Hedy Weinberg, ACLU-TN Executive Director.

The toll-free Election Day hotline number is 877-651-1999. The hotline will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Central and will allow voters to report voting problems and obtain assistance if they feel they have been unfairly denied the right to vote.

In addition to the hotline, voters can access ACLU-TN’s online Voting Rights Resource Center at This online resource includes detailed information on Election Day logistics and Tennessee’s new law requiring a government-issued photo ID to vote. The Resource Center also offers instruction on how to avoid common problems that may arise on Election Day, and the appropriate steps to take if you experience irregularities at the polls.

“We are concerned that some voters might be turned away from the polls because of the new photo ID law or because they are not fully aware of their rights under Tennessee law. With the help of the hotline and Voting Rights Resource Center, voters will know their rights and be able to assert them on Election Day,” Weinberg said. “If additional assistance is needed, a phone call to the ACLU will help them determine if their rights are indeed being violated and what options they have.”

ACLU is particularly concerned about the following problems voters may face at the polls:

  • Issues related to the new “Photo ID to Vote” law;
  • Voters who need special assistance being prevented from bringing someone to help them into the voting booth;
  • Voters turned away without being offered a provisional ballot;
  • Too few machines in polling places which will lengthen lines and discourage eligible voters;
  • Poll-watching activities that go beyond mere observation and become harassment;
  • Moving polling places on short notice or without sufficient warning; and
  • Disinformation campaigns.

The ACLU of Tennessee is a non-partisan, statewide organization dedicated to promoting and protecting constitutional rights.

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