In September 2013, ACLU-TN received several letters from inmates at the Rutherford County Jail and their relatives concerning a new postcard-only policy that limited inmates’ ability to receive any letters except photos or postcards with no envelopes during the first week of each month.

ACLU-TN sent the sheriff a letter in October 2013 inquiring about the new policy and expressing concerns about its constitutionality under the First Amendment. The county responded via a letter stating that the policy was implemented in reaction to attempts to pass contraband through the use of envelopes. In particular, the sheriff’s office stated that powdered drugs had been concealed in the glue strips of envelopes. However, the county agreed to review its policy in light of the case law provided by ACLU-TN.

ACLU-TN continues to seek family members of inmates affected by this policy. If you are being affected by this policy, please fill out our online intake form.

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