What is early voting?

Early voting is a period when you can vote in-person before Election Day. Early voting for the November 2020 presidential election has already begun in Tennessee and will continue until October 29. You don’t need an excuse to vote early and your ballot will be counted the same as if you’d voted on Election Day.

Why vote early?

Voting early is a great way to avoid Election Day lines and crowds – which is especially important during a pandemic. In addition, the early voting election schedule includes weekend and evening slots for at least one polling location in your county, allowing voters to go to the polls when it is most convenient. In short, early voters have more space and more choices. That’s partly why during the last election, more than 60% of voters cast their ballots early.

Where do I vote early?

Select your county below to view early voting locations. Unlike on Election Day, you can vote at any of the locations listed for your county. However, these are subject to change, so make sure to check with your local election commission to confirm which polling stations are open.