SB 762/HB 829 would fully restore access to abortion in Tennessee. While we acknowledge the challenges this bill will face, it is an important first step forward in what we know will be a long journey to achieve not only access to safe abortion care, but comprehensive reproductive justice for all families who call Tennessee home.

A recent poll published by Vanderbilt University showed that a majority of Tennesseans support accessible abortion care. Because when someone decides to have an abortion, it should be safe, affordable, and free from judgment.

Our lawmakers should be working to build and maintain systems that enable Tennessee families to stay safe, supported, and together and stop creating further undue burdens for folks who already face systemic barriers to care, including people of color, people who are immigrants, people living in rural areas, young people, and people with limited incomes.

Tell legislators to fight for the health, safety, and futures of the families they’ve been elected to serve by voting YES and supporting SB 762/HB 829.

We need to look out for our families, friends, and communities across the state of Tennessee. Someone you love may need an abortion someday – and they should get support, not judgment, punishment, or anyone standing in their way.

While it will be a journey, ultimately, we can restore our fundamental right to reproductive health care in Tennessee if we come together and demand that our voices be heard by holding our public officials accountable at the capitol, in the streets, and at the ballot box.

P.S. Ready to take action to restore abortion access and secure comprehensive reproductive justice in Tennessee? Sign our “Reproductive Justice for All” pledge to join the movement today.


Lamar, Akbari, Oliver, Campbell, Kyle, Yarbro





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