Want to make a difference?

Are you one of those people who wants to do something when you see injustice in your school or community? Do you believe people should be treated fairly regardless of things like race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or immigration status? Can you see yourself standing up and speaking out for free speech, women’s rights, racial justice, and LGBT equality?

Yes? Then be a part of the ACLU of Tennessee youth program!

ACLU-TN’s youth program empowers young people to be part of the change they want to see in their communities by engaging in social justice work and advocating for Tennesseans’ civil rights and civil liberties.

Getting involved in ACLU-TN’s youth program gives you the opportunity to:
• Educate yourself and your peers on civil liberties and social justice issues • Develop your activism and leadership skills • Make positive change in your community, school, and beyond • Meet other cool youth activists • Have fun!

Get involved and be the change you want to see in the world.

If you’re passionate about freedom and fairness and want to be part of a movement pursuing social justice, then:

Because young people have rights too.

The Constitution doesn’t place age requirements on freedom—it’s not just for people ages 18 and up. The Bill of Rights protects individual rights—like the right to free speech, the right to privacy, and freedom of religion—from intrusion by all government entities, and that includes public schools. ACLU-TN believes that all people, including young people, should enjoy these basic rights, in and out of school.

ACLU-TN is a champion of youth rights. We have consistently advocated for greater protections for youth through our public education and advocacy work, as well as through our legislative lobbying and litigation programs.

Learn more about your rights and how ACLU-TN defends them on our youth and students’ rights page.

ACLU-TN Youth Advocates


"[Interning has] given me connections with people who are very, very passionate about what they are doing...I felt like I was working toward a greater cause...I've learned so much."

- Rebekah, High School Intern


"I feel much more confident about what rights I have and the steps I can take to protect those rights."

- Michael. Students' Rights Conference Participant


“[Clerking] for ACLU-TN was even better than I imagined that it would be.”

- Kaleigh, Law Clerk


“I was inspired by ACLU-TN’s integrity, dedication and partnership with others to protect freedom in our state.”

- Katrina, Divinity School Intern