The Tennessee Reproductive Justice Network

The Tennessee Reproductive Justice Network (TRJN) is a loosely-knit group of clergy and community leaders throughout the state spanning the religious and denominational spectrum. Organized by the American Civil Liberties Union of Tennessee, TRJN supports access to comprehensive reproductive health care, including sex education, contraception and abortion services for all women and families.

To join TRJN, email or call (615) 320-7142.

Learn about Amendment 1 and its potential impact on reproductive justice in Tennessee.

Op-Eds by TRJN Clergy


Rev. Pam Rumancik: "Supporting a free life," Chattanooga Times Free Press


Rev. Laura Bogle: "Ballot initiative would deprive women of reproductive health care," Knoxville News-Sentinel

Rev. Jill Sizemore: "No place for hostility in abortion debate," Knoxville News-Sentinel

Rev. Chris Buice: “Amendment 1 makes judgment on abortion that should be private,” Knoxville News Sentinel


Rev. Cheryl Cornish: "Abortion is never a preferred 'choice,'" The Commercial Appeal

Rev. Rosalyn R. Nichols: "Womans' rights, even her life, under attack," The Commercial Appeal


Rev. Adam Kelchner: "Abortion services must not vanish," The Tennessean

Bishop Calvin C. Barlow Jr.: "Reproductive choice shouldn’t be left to politicians," The Tennessean

Rabbi Philip “Flip” Rice: "Abortion sometimes can be the moral, correct decision," The Tennessean

Rev. Judy Cummings: “Vote to remove politics from abortion decisions,” The Tennessean

Rev. Christophe Ringer: "Keep reproductive freedom, reject Amendment 1," The Tennessean