Since Tennessee’s abortion ban went into effect, misinformation has been circulating about the ban and its impact on contraception and fertility treatment.   

HB 2227/SB 1918 utilizes medically accurate language to clarify that the Tennessee abortion ban does not apply to birth control or fertility treatments, such as IVF, reaffirming the distinction between abortion and contraceptives. This clarification is crucial in ensuring that individuals have access to essential reproductive healthcare options without confusion or restrictions. 

Tell your legislator to vote YES in support of HB 2227/SB 1918 to preserve access to contraception & IVF in Tennessee. 

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Anti-abortion politicians were never going to be content with overturning Roe. We know from audio leaked during last year’s legislative session that the same groups behind our state’s abortion ban intend to go after fertility care and birth control. 

HB 2227/SB 1918 is crucial to combatting the effort to not only ban abortion nationwide, but to take away our power to make decisions for ourselves about birth control, IVF, and other reproductive health care. 

Urge your legislator to clarify and protect Tennesseans’ ability to access contraception and IVF by voting YES and supporting HB 2227/SB 1918. 


Representative Harold Love, Jr., Senator Raumesh Akbari





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