Tell politicians that no one should be able to interfere with a young person’s decision about their body, life, and future.

Anti-abortion politicians who have been trying to control our bodies and our lives now want to take away young people’s freedom to travel to other states. 

SB 1971/HB 1895 creates a new felony criminal offense for anyone other than a parent or legal guardian who “recruits, harbors, or transports” a minor for the purpose of obtaining an abortion. This bill bans travel for minors to seek an abortion with anyone other than their parent or legal guardian, even if they have permission from the person’s parents or guardian.

When abortion is restricted or banned, the impact of these bans falls hardest on those already facing unequal barriers to health care, especially young people, people with limited incomes, LGBTQ+ people, and Black and Brown people. 

SB 1971/HB 1895 harms young people’s ability to access the support of those they trust when they need it most. It is absurd and cruel to force a pregnant young person to navigate laws and systems that are designed to deprive them of the ability to make their own decisions. 

Abortion bans like this travel ban do nothing to protect anyone’s health or safety, and they have been devastating for patients across the country. 

Tell lawmakers we have had enough of their attacks on abortion care and their efforts to control our bodies and our lives. 


Rep. Jason Zachary, Sen. Paul Rose



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